Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cancer sucks

I haven't unloaded much about my experiences at the Breast Care Center. I like simplicity, and nothing about cancer or the breast care center is simple, I do have two simple conclusions I'd like to share. Maybe I'll have more eloquent reflections later.

1. The physicians, nurses, and staff at the breast care center are incredibly caring, passionate, hardworking people who go above and beyond the call of duty.

2. Cancer SUCKS.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Puffin' Presidio

So, today was my first time running in the Presidio. My new nickname for it is the Puffin' Presidio, since all I seemed to do the whole run was huff and puff.There were so many hills!!! My calves were so tight as I made it up the last one. These hills were monsters, long, steep hills that had no end in sight. We actually ran more than a mile straight up hill. Owieeee. Luckily, Meredith and Eugene had my back, and we really did beat those hills into the ground. Not only were there hills, but this was a long run, we ran for 75 minutes, that's one of my longest runs ever. We'll see tomorrow who really won, us or the Puffin' Presidio.

The thing about this run that I really liked was that it was an adventure. We got a little turned around (read: I got lost and dragged E and M with me), but we ended up at Chrissy Field, the sun was shining on the city, the bay was gorgeous strewn with dozens of kayakers, the Golden Gate was as overwhelming as it always is, and Angel Island looked like a playground just calling from the east. There were so many people out running, biking, walking, and with Mez and Eugene singing shooop, at 47 minutes into our run I was just so happy that we decided to go on our adventure. Yes, I endured pain, yes my ego was hurt when I had to start walking up that last bit of the hill (there was sand!), but it was awesome!

"Hills hills hills, yeah they kills kills kills, but I don't need pills, pills pills pills, cuz I can fight my own hills, hills hills hills."

Running blog

I've been running on a fairly regular basis now since January 1st of this year. I've even kept up my training log! I had some down time in February with a vacation and being sick, but now I'm back in full throttle. Even though I was a track and field athlete in college, I frankly didn't do much running except for summer and fall workouts, at least running over 800m at one time! So it's been fun to change things up and really focus my energies into running. I really do miss the throws and the jumps, but I've been having a ton of fun coaching the MacCanDo athletes in these events. My knees and back aren't really made for the field events, I wish they were or I would still be training!!! For now, running is my main sport. Since I've now done it fairly consistently over the past 3 months, I figured I would start blogging about my efforts on a bit more regular basis.

For now, I am very fortunate to live by a track and the amazing Golden Gate Park, AND to have wonderful running partners in Meredith and Eugene. They have really helped to spark my interest and excitement in running and have given me a lot of motivation to keep going and extending my distances. Thanks for being great running partners guys!