Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Studying and the Dish

We learned a lot this quarter, renal physiology, the gastrointestinal system, a ton of microbes and parasites, skin diseases, endocrine disorders, reproductive health. Too much for me to cram in a week. I've been doing my part all quarter, consistently absorbing and learning the material. We have an "integrated" final exam this Friday. Most of you probably picture me sitting in a small room with glaring lights all day with a pile of books by my side. Sure I could sit in the library all day, plowing through all my books, losing my concentration left and right, spending more money on snacks and beverages than I should, falling asleep at the desk. I could study that way. With our cumulative exams, I take a different approach, and listen to review lectures that are interesting, make me think and cover all the essential material. If I just listened to the lectures while comfortably sitting down, I would be asleep in 5 minutes, so instead I listen while walking. Usually while walking the Dish! So instead, picture me with a smile on my face, listening to lecture reviews, while spotting a stellar jay along the trail, catching up on loop diuretics while taking in a view of the entire peninsula. A perfect blend of studying, exercising, and enjoying a beautiful day. A win-win-win. I'm actually enjoying this! Nailing the practice exams feels good too.

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