Thursday, May 30, 2013

Expiration dates -my nemesis

So, I leave for Europe on Monday. Excited? Yes. After an awesome destination wedding over Memorial Day weekend, I was confident I could get everything ready for my trip in 6 days...Then the curse of expiration dates took over.

First- ATM Card. I had the forethought to call Schwab about my international travel, as I was calling, noticed my ATM card expires in July...Oops. After a few phone calls, some excellent customer service (thanks Kyle!), and a walk to my local branch, it should be fed-exed on Saturday. We hope.

Second- Passport. Now, I know what you're thinking, isn't the number one rule of international travel to make sure your passport is up to date? Yes, and now I know why. Technically my passport isn't expired yet, I still have another two months...But online searching tells me that many countries have the right to deny you access if your passport expires within 3 months of your entry to their country. Not okay. So, after unsuccessful phone calls, filling out an application, a trip to the Walgreens photo booth, and 90 minutes at jam-packed but surprisingly efficient San Francisco Passport agency, I will be picking up my passport tomorrow afternoon. Thank goodness there is an SF office! Again, we can only hope...

Third- Car Registation. This was the only one of the three I anticipated! Somehow got locked out of my online California DMV account, will try to call this afternoon. I really don't want to be standing in line at the DMV and the Passport agency tomorrow. Two overworked, underpaid government agencies in one day is two too many. This is less vital to my trip, thus it's last on my list.

Is there anything else that can expire I should be aware of?! I hope not. I already double checked my credit card and drivers license. Three times a charm I guess.

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Surfer Girl said...

Oh Julia, I feel sorry for you sometimes.