Monday, March 31, 2014

Competition makes people crazy!

I came across this article by the Telegraph, and Sebastian Coe shares what made him go the extra mile. I loved it so much and had to share. 
"It was a harsh winter (harsh enough to bring down a government) but I ran 12 miles on Christmas morning. It was a hard session and I got home, showered and felt pretty happy with what I had done.
Later that afternoon, sitting back after Christmas lunch, I began to feel uneasy but was not quite sure why. Suddenly it dawned on me. I thought: "I bet [Steve] Ovett's out there doing his second training session of the day." I put the kit back on, faced the snow and ice and did a second training session. I ran several miles, including some hill work."
I just laughed so hard, competition makes people nuts!!! In this case, in a crazy good way! 
Seb Coe beating Steve Ovett

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