Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Argentine Women

One of the most unexpectedly pleasant surprises of living in BA is seeing how many distinguished, well-dressed, older women they are. Women here do a wonderful job of taking care of themselves.

You might here that Argentina has a huge amount of plastic surgeries and its probably true, but of course that's not what I'm talking about at all. I'm talking about the two 70 year old women who sat next to me at the tea shop, with put together hair and make-up that celebrated their age, jewelry that added glamour, and sophisticated outfits like a button down shirt with a skirt and cute belt and nice sandals.

I LOVE the shoes in Argentina. So many flats, low heels, and wedges that women can actually walk in. (The current platform trend isn't my favorite, but that's why its a trend). As I was running I passed a woman walking down the street, about 60 years old, wearing skinny white pants with wedge sandals and a lovely colorful blue blouse with coordinated jewelry. Good fashion amongst older women here is just so plentiful!

Many seem very fit, that is likely due to where I'm staying, downtown, no need to drive, can walk and do all the errands.

Mostly, I love their sense of style. It's so classic. With most of the women I observe, you can tell the clothes aren't new, the shoes aren't spectacularly fashionable, the earrings aren't exorbitantly expensive.

I am in Recoleta, the most posh, ritzy and European part of the city. Shouldn't I expect this? But I think their sense of style is better than any US city or European city I've visited. Mostly I'm shocked by the shear number of women in their 60-80s I've seen that I've been impressed with. These women are not staying at home all day, they are getting out!

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