Monday, February 10, 2014

Hasta Luego Buenos Aires

I can't believe it's time to go home. I feel like I had so much and yet so little time here! Bah studying!

There is so much left to see, do, explore. I can't wait to come back. I feel like I was just getting to know the city, and now I have to leave! I spent the first week trying to understand Peronism, Evita, and their history. The second week was mostly studying, the third week, mostly studying and exploring Recoleta. Now I need a fourth and fifth week to get down to business.

Here's what I'm doing next time:

Abuelos de Plaza de Mayo -just learned they still march every Thursday afternoon. How did I not know this? How is this not on everyone's top 10 of BA list? The guidebooks don't mention it. I am UPSET at myself for just finding this out now.


Enjoy the Botanical Garden...I really should have done this, it was so hot though and an hour walk away.

Feria de Matadores

Watch the stars at the Galileo Planetarium

Explore Argentina's past at the Museum of National History (just learned about this today, why!?!)

Go on a Graffiti Tour

Dance at a Milonga

Pay homage to Carlos Gardel at the Tango Museum

Visit Ex ESMA and pay my respects to the Desaparecidos

Go to an event at Teatro Colon

I love living in a different place so much. Understanding and appreciating the history (every place has its horrors and heroines), I love eating the food, listening to the language, reading the news, watching the movies, listening to the music. But 3 weeks is not enough! Especially with studying full time! Heck, I've been here 6 weeks technically and its not enough! It just leaves me finally beginning to peel apart the layers and figuring stuff out. Can't I stay longer?

But this is the great part of traveling. Now, I have my entire life to be interested and enthused and pay more attention. Still, there is something so unique about living in a place, breathing the air, seeing the architecture, the street art that just makes you want to dive in and learn more.

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