Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Dish

The Dish is a 4 mile trail on the outskirts of the Stanford Campus. From the southern entrance, it is characterized by the Never Ending Hill, the Glorious Downhill, and the MoJo Hill (as named by yours truly). You can find deer (as we did today), lots of squirrels, bluejays, hawks, snakes, and mice.

The Dish owns me. It is a tough run, but I feel like each week I run it, I'm tackling it a bit more than it is tackling me. I thought it could be entertaining to share some of the thoughts that crossed my mind during my run this morning...

While conquering the Never Ending Hill:
"Kill kill kill the hill. Shoot, I think my chest is tight, maybe I have hypertrophy of my left ventricle. It would really suck to have a heart attack right now. Better be safe and walk. The nurse checked my heart the other day but I don't trust her. How can I weasel my way into an ECG? Maybe some cardiovascular studies need healthy volunteers. Need to check into that. Oh stop being a wimp and just run.

While coasting on the Glorious Downhill:
OMG is that a hawk? Nope, just a rock. Wow, I'm seeing things. I hope I don't have a retinoblastoma. Nah I don't. Downhill is my favorite, I love running, I feel so free. Oh shoot, there's the steep hill. Why am I doing this again? At 8:30 in the morning? What is wrong with me? Whatever, I can do short hills, just nail it.

While climbing the MoJo Hill:
Get your mojo. Go mojo go mojo go. Almost there, last hill. I love the last hill. I'm owning this. BOOYAH.