Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Q1 Begins!

With my mini-quarter now complete, I am diving into my first "real" quarter of medical school. Here is how my class schedule is shaping up so far:

Medical Genetics
Developmental Biology
Practice of Medicine
Costs, Benefits, and Risks of Health Care
Healer's Art

It's a jam-packed schedule, but I'm excited about all my classes. There are also several lunch time seminars I'll be sitting in on, including Intro to Surgery, Intro to Internal Medicine, and Intro to Emergency Medicine.

Also, another ANATOMY UPDATE:
You can now quiz me on the thorax and upper limb. So basically the hand, arm, shoulder, heart, rib cage and lung. I know how to test if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, whether your dislocated shoulder caused nerve damage, and make sure you have a corotid pulse.

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